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The Newsletters, Reference Documents and AGM Minutes below are in pdf form suitable for viewing and printing.  Newsletters range in size from 1Mb to 2.5Mb and may take time to download.   Newsletters on the website have personal email addresses removed.  Back copies of the newsletters are held by the Secretary.


e-News Bulletins

No. 22 February 2020
No. 21 January 2020
No. 20 December 2019
No. 19 November 2019
No. 18 October 2019
No. 17 September 2019
No. 16 August 2019
No. 15 July 2019
No. 14 June 2019
No. 13 May 2019
No. 12 April 2019
No. 11 March 2019
No. 10 February 2019
No. 9 January 2019
No. 8 December 2018
No. 7 November 2018
No. 6 October 2018
No. 5 September 2018
No. 4 August 2018
No. 3 July 2018
No. 2 June 2018
No. 1 May 2018This is the first of the new monthly newsletters edited by Howard Fisher to be distributed by email to those who have email addresses, and on paper to be posted to those who do not have email addresses.


No. 37 Spring 2018This is the last quarterly newsletter edited by Sheila who has stepped down after producing 25 issues, a huge contribution to the success of the newsletter and our U3A. 
No. 09 March 2011 This is the first quarterly newsletter edited by Sheila Kingdom (now Barton) after taking over from Howard.
No. 08 December 2010This is the last quarterly newsletter edited by Howard who established the newsletter as an important communication facility for our U3A.
No. 01 February 2009This is the first newsletter distributed at the inaugural meeting 24th Feb 2009 edited by Howard Fisher.


Constitution Adopted 24th April 2018
Data Protection PolicyVersion dated 6th February 2018
Get Up and GoGuide to avoiding falls
Handbook for Group
Updated October 2019
Information BookletContains Interest Group Information.  New Joiners are given a paper copy.
The website version is dated October 2019.  
The website version does not have email addresses.  
IT Policy
Revised August 2012
Privacy PolicyVersion dated 7th February 2018
Review 2018Issued February 2019, contains information about the groups from 2018.


Minutes 2019 AGMDraft
Minutes 2018 AGM
Minutes 2017 AGM
Minutes 2016 AGM
Minutes 2015 AGM
Minutes 2014 AGM
Minutes 2013 AGM
Minutes 2012 AGM
Minutes 2011 AGM
Minutes 2010 AGM

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