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Howard and Jackie Fisher have taken on the role of group leaders.  Members need to take on responsibility for outings and events which are to be agreed.
April 2019  

Group Leaders Telephone Venue Frequency Day Time
Howard Fisher
Jackie Fisher
0115 937 2898
Methodist HallMonthly
3rd Thursday
2.00 - 4.00pm

The programme history is shown below  - click this link: programme.

Message from Groups Coordinator Peter Harding
In October, Keith Barton told us that he and Sheila had enjoyed leading the A & A Group for many years - almost since the beginning when the Keyworth U3A was launched nearly 10 years ago!  However, for a number of reasons they need to relinquish their role from the end of this year to give themselves more time for other activities.  In consequence as a Group we need to find a new Group leader: It is of course possible that the Group Leader's position could be a shared post and we shall be able to discuss this and how we can continue with what has been a very successful Group in the future.  In the meantime, perhaps we could each consider how we can help to structure the running of the Group and participate to achieve this.
October 2018

Notes on a meeting held on 21st February2019

Message from Keith and Sheila Barton
Thank you to all those who have supported this group over the last 9 years, we hope you have enjoyed it, and that it might continue with new leadership.  We have written a brief history of the Architecture and Archaeology Group from the launch in 2009 to the present (click on link to read or print).

About the Group

The programme is determined by the wishes of the group.  We generally have a planning meeting/festive get together at our December meeting, when we consider the possibilities for the following year’s programme.  This may involve talks (produced by the members or by invited speakers), films, visits to properties and sites of interest: It is not necessary to be a member of the National Trust or of English Heritage to participate in the visits, but it helps to reduce the cost of visits to members.

At our meetings we usually have some refreshments half way through the afternoon: volunteers to make the tea and coffee and wash the few cups up would be appreciated.  Keith’s copies of ‘Current Archaeology’ and ‘World Archaeology’ are made available at meetings for members to borrow, if they wish, as are several books and leaflets
Members are encouraged to participate - perhaps you may like to:
  • volunteer to arrange a visit
  • provide a short talk on a topic of interest
  • describe some place you may have visited on holiday
  • bring a CD or DVD which the group may be interested in
  • take on the tea and coffee making at our sessions.
Just contact Keith or Sheila if you need any assistance:
  • telephone: 0115 937 3068,  
  • email: or



Information Sheet

Follow this link to read and print the full Architecture and Archaeology Information Sheet updated July 2016.

Recent Newsletters

Newsletter 44 March 2018
Newsletter 43 January 2018 extra
Newsletter 42 January 2018


Follow this link to view on Google Drive the slideshow Keith Barton prepared for his June 2016 presentation of the 13th to 17th century timber-frame buildings of Herefordshire BLACK AND WHITE TRAIL


Follow this link to view on Flickr some of the Architecture and Archaeology Photographs taken during visits.  
(There is a summary of the visit photographs on Flickr below under Visit Photographs.)


Programme 2018

Extract below, to view and print the full programme click this link:  Programme 2018. (Updated May 2018)

programme 2018

Programme 2017

To view the programme click this link:  Programme 2017.

Programme 2016

January        Presentations: “Gaudi / Barcelona” (CW); “Puglia” (H&JF)
February     NH visit to the Malt Cross, St James’ Street, Nottingham (HF)
                    DVD Session: John Betjeman (JKB)
March          City of Caves (SB) Guided Tour of Drury Hill caves
April             Stoneywell [NT] (SB) Guided Tour (car share)
May             Guided tour the Church and Anglo-Saxon Crypt, St Wystan’s Church, Repton, followed by lunch, then                         Calke Abbey [NT] (SB) (car share)
June            Presentation “The Black and White trail, Herefordshire” (JKB)
                    29th NH visit to Newstead Abbey
July:             Stamford (car share) (SB)
September  Where did you go on holiday?
October      5th NH visit Lincoln by coach: (NB there will be no A&A meeting on the 20th)
November   to be confirmed;
December  planning for 2017

Programme 2015

January       Northumberland (HF)
February:    “Asylums – a place of safety or punishment?”  
                    An historical view of workhouses and asylum since the C13th (SMB)
March          Presentation (LD/BD)
April:            Guided visit to the Workhouse [NT], Southwell,
                    and the Archbishop’s Palace, Southwell Minster following its recent refurbishment (SMB)
May             Presentation (LD/BD)
June:           Visit to Lyddington Bede [EH] and Stone Dry Church (AC)
                    NH visit to Leicester, the last resting place of Richard III (NH)
July:             Guided tour of The Malt Cross, St James’ Street, Nottingham (HF)
September: Invitation to share holiday visits with the group: Sardinia (M&CW)
October:      NH visit to Lichfield, guided tour of the Cathedral available (JF)
                    Visit to Civil War Centre, guided Civil War Walk, Newark (HF)
November:   Presentation “Bristol” (BD)
December:  Planning for 2016 including a brief visit to the EH website –Celebrating Christmas through the ages”
                    with seasonal nibbles with our tea and coffee. 

Programme 2014

April            “Nottingham” Part 2 DVD (following Part 1 last year)
May              Nottinghamshire Engineering: Guided tours of
                    Bestwood Winding Engine
                    Papplewick Pumping Station
June            “Ticknall Pots and Potters” [Janet Spavold & Sue Brown] (JKB)
July              New Horizons visit to Wakefield Mining Museum
August         Tattershall Castle and College,
                    (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Coningsby (HF) had to be cancelled. 
                     It was decided that visits should rely on car sharing or public transport).
September    Selection of DVDs John Betjeman
October         Stainsby Mill and Hardwick Hall [NT](SMB)
November    “Treasure! The discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard” [Mercian Touring Exhibition],
                     Guided tour of the crypt, St Wystan’s Church, Repton, Derbyshire. (SMB)
December    The Anglo Saxons (JKB)

Programme 2013

April             Cresswell Crags field visit (HF)
July              Peterborough & Flag Fen (HF)
September   A&A newsletter 1 first of (largely) monthly round up of information
October      “Little known Leicestershire & Rutland”
                    Interactive DVD and discussion about possible visits in the future (SMB)
November   Tour of Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street,
                    tour of the old University College building, Nottingham Trent University (HF)

Proramme 2012

The Archaeology Group started October 2012 with Howard as leader looking at all types of archaeology below, on and above the ground, by talks, site visits and occasional outside speakers.  We look at digs, the landscape, structures and buildings, to set them in the historical context and the lives of contemporary people.  We explore industrial archaeology, considering where buildings show how people worked in the past, and their changed use for today.

Programme 2011

During 2011 we considered the last 40 years from Brutalism to the revival of elegance of the last century and the beginning of the present.

July:             Guided tour (Nottingham Civic Society guide) of the Lace Market
September: Guided tour of the newly refurbished St Pancras Hotel
October:      Museum of Historic Buildings, Avoncroft (Bromsgrove) and
                    Hanbury Hall (NT property near Droitwich)

Programme 2010 and 2009

The Architecture Group started in March 2009 with Keith as leader and in 2009 and 2010 raced through time, via the built environment, from the 7th – 20th centuries, with some personal comment thrown in to add the occasional spice.  During this time several visits were arranged:
  • Repton and Melbourne (Derbyshire)
  • Newark (Nottinghamshire)
  • Ludlow and Stokesay Castle (Shropshire; with an overnight stay in aC17th manor house, c/o the YHA)
  • Harlaxton Manor, (Nottinghamshire)


Visit Photographs

Listed below are the visits where some fascinating photographs have been taken.  The photographs have been uploaded to Flickr for viewing.  If the first link to the slideshow does not work you may have problems with Flash player, but the second link to the set of photographs should be ok.  

You can follow this direct link to Flickr to view the Architecture and Archaeology Photographs taken during visits.

peterborough cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral July 2013 (64 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

flag fenFlag Fen July 2013 (29 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

cresswell cragsCresswell Crags April 2013 (10 photos)

(from Howard Fisher)
To see the set of photographs click here.

hanbury hallHanbury Hall October 2011 (46 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

avoncroft museumAvoncroft Museum October 2011 (46 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

st pancrasSt Pancras Hotel September 2011 (45 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

harlaxton manorHarlaxton July 2010 (3 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

shropshireShropshire September 2009 (9 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

newarkNewark July 2009 (2 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

repton and melbourneRepton and Melbourne May 2009 (4 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

southwellSouthwell April 2009 (2 photos)

(from Keith Barton)
To see the set of photographs click here.

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