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About the Group


To enjoy listening in the company of others to what is usually called “classical” music.
To have the chance to discuss the music with others.
To widen the range of our listening.
To learn about the music and the composers and so to understand it better.

What happens in group meetings?

Meetings are not lectures: they are intended to be quite informal. Most of the time we are listening to music, but the presenter for the week will say a few words about each piece, and there is the chance for comments or discussion afterwards if people wish. Members usually sit in a semicircle to make discussion easier. On a typical afternoon the group comprises from 15 to 25 members.

Normally a volunteer group member or the group leader introduces a programme of music on CDs. The presenter usually organises the programme around a topic or theme which appeals to him/her. Occasionally we might listen to a whole concerto or symphony, but normally we don’t play very long pieces - most commonly pieces lasting up to about 10 minutes. Most presenters like to offer a balance of familiar music and a few more challenging pieces.

Members are free if they wish to make comments on the music we hear, to share memories of hearing the music elsewhere, and so on. We hope that while sometimes we may be moved by soul-stirring music, we still have some fun!

What sort of topics do we cover?

We’ve had sessions appropriate to the time of year: for example, music for springtime, for summertime, and for the Christmas season. We’ve listened to English, American, Czech and Russian composers; a history of the Henry Wood Proms; famous singers; music featuring the presenter’s favourite instrument … etc. In other words, it is a very varied programme.

Who can join and how much does it cost?

Any member of Keyworth U3A will be very welcome. Members simply come along, sign in and make a contribution of 1 per session to cover the cost of hiring the room and sometimes of borrowing CDs from the library.


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