Group Leader Telephone Venue Frequency Day Time
Rosalie Jones
0115 937 5359 Leader's home Weekly Group 1 Tues
9.30am to 11.30am
Group 2 Wed 9.30am to 11.30am

Following the description of the group's activities there are some photographs of their work.

About the Group

tableThe Needlecraft groups meet weekly on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings, at the leader’s home and a variety of work is undertaken.

When we started as a group, some members had not used a sewing machine for many years, and others not at all.  To be faced with the elaborate and apparently complicated modern machines was quite daunting.  What a difference a few months make.  The members have made and are now making such a variety of items.  
Lace decorations for a Christmas tree and embroidered cards were the starting point for some.  A beautiful embroidered cushion now features in a home and another item includes a patchwork and embroidered bag. One member has demonstrated an increasing ability in using the machine for freehand machine embroidery and is producing incredible interesting work, and another hand stitches intriguing abstract pictures.  Another major undertaking for one of the group is making an alphabet baby quilt for a new grandchild - which is almost completed.
If you decide to join us, we will all help with suggestions and instruction on how to start, it is never too late to develop a new skill and have fun along the way.  As a leader, my reward has been is seeing each one in the group grow and gain confidence in their own skills, and in some cases outstripping my own abilities.



Below are slideshows of work  by members of the Needlecraft group.  Click the start arrow to start the slideshow.  After starting the slideshow:  to see a full screen slideshow click the bottom right icon, to pause the slideshow click the bottom left icon.

The slideshows require Flash player, if you cannot see the slideshows your browser may not support Flash player.  In this case follow this link and click on a set to see the photographs.

From Jackie Fisher (July 2013)

These are photographs of Jackie's quilt.   The quilt is difficult to photograph in its entirety so the main image is followed by photographs of three selected areas of the quilt. You can also see the slideshow using this link.

From Rosalie Jones (November 2012)

Here are some examples of our work.  You can also see the slideshow using this link.

From Linda Mason (Mar 2012)

Here are some photographs of things I have made from my first quilt to cushion covers and pictures. My 2nd machine embroidered turquoise quilt is now nearing completion and I will be ready to start another one for a friend. Everyone at the group does different things and the joy of going is to see what we have all been up to and pick each others brains re project problems and colours etc. Some of us are going to the Stitching show at the NEC and also to the Malvern Quilt show.

Ros opens her home to us each week and nothing is too much trouble for her. Who said retirement was boring?

You can also see the slideshow using this link.

From Rosalie Jones (Jul 2010)

Here are examples work produced over the last year.  You can also see the slideshow using this link.

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