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Chris Mason 0115 846 0821 Methodist Church Monthly 1st Monday 2.00pm

About the Group

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Report on the May 2019 visit to the National Stone Centre, Cromford, Derbyshire here.

Programme  2019

The programme from June to December is shown below. To print the flyer follow this link.

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Programme Archive

Programme February to June 2019  with more information on the February 2019 meeting here.
Programme January 2019
Programme Christmas Quiz 2018
Programme June to November 2018
Programme January to August 2018
Programme June to December 2017
Programme to end of March 2017
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News and Reports

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newsletter image Report on the visit to the National Stone Centre - May 2019
Report on the Cassini talk February 2018
Newsletter No. 6 - August 2016
Report on the talk given by Professor Frazer Pearce - August 2016
Report on the Rosetta Mission Lecture - November 2015
Report on the visit to Bletchley Park - October 2015
Photographs taken during the visit to Bletchley Park - October 2015
Report on Open Dome Evening - April 2015
Report on Open Dome Evening - February 2015
Newsletter No. 5 - November 2014.
Report on the visit to BGS - August 2014.
First Birthday Thank You - July 2014.
Newsletter No. 4 - July 2014.
Newsletter No. 1 - September 2013.

About the Group

Everyday our lives are touched by Science and/or Technology in some way. Whether we are planning to fly to some exotic holiday destination in a state of the art jet aircraft, use a biological washing powder, switch on our electric light or merely stand outside, on a clear night, and look up and wonder at the vast mass of light in the heavens.  The idea is to stimulate interest, to learn, but most of all to have fun and enjoy these sessions.

We will seek to explore some of the oldest questions in the history of mankind:
  • Why are we here?
  • How did we get here?
  • What are we and everyday items made of?
And on a lighter note…Why does my buttered toast always land butter-side down when I drop it? (I am sure there is a genuine scientific answer to this).
The aims of this Group are to stimulate interest in the wonders of our world through the scientific achievements of a wide range of different branches of Science & Technology.  We will give our members/students a chance to discuss and/or understand some of the problems that scientists and engineers are trying to solve. There will be some simple but FUN experiments, prompted debates and we hope to enhance this by having invited guests at some meetings and by visiting some sites of scientific or technological interest on others.

We hope to look at Telecommunications, Energy, Chemicals, Biology, Man-made Fabrics and Materials, Plants and the wonders of photosynthesis, Physics, Astronomy, Psychology, Sociology, Geology, Fibre-Optic Technology, Quantum Mechanics and even Philosophy (to name but a few).  If you can think of a branch of Science and/or Technology not listed above then we will cover it.

First meeting:  4pm, Wednesday 10th July in the Centenary Lounge.  Bring a diary!

Chris Mason
June 2013

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