Membership is open to older people who are no longer in full-time employment.  In this section there is important information on:


Joining is simple.

formAt each Monthly Meeting there is a special table set aside for potential new members to discuss membership.  Application forms are available at that table and anyone joining receives a new member’s pack containing information leaflets and a copy off the latest Newsletter.

You can print a copy of the membership application form from this site:  membership application form.

Application forms are available from the Membership Secretary: 

Howard Fisher
21 Brockwood Crescent,
NG12 5HQ

Tel. 0115 937 2898

Membership costs 15.00 for the year 1st March 2017 to 28th February 2018. New members joining between 1st September and 28th February pay a reduced fee of 7.50, with the exception of lapsed members (people who did not renew at the end of the previous membership year) who pay the full membership fee if they rejoin. If you are already an existing member of another U3A please let us know and deduct the 3.50 Third Age Trust Capitation Fee from your payment.

(Existing members of other U3As pay a reduced sum to reflect the 3.50 Capitation fee paid by each U3A to the Third Age Trust - the umbrella organisation for UK U3As - since only one Capitation Fee per member is payable regardless of the number of U3As of which a person is a member.  Proof of membership of another U3A is required, a current membership card being adequate.)


Gift Aid

Keyworth & District U3A would very much appreciate eligible members signing a Gift Aid declaration.  This allows us to recover money from the Inland Revenue and consequently assist in our funds.

To be eligible you must pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year that is at least equal to the amount of tax that Keyworth & District U3A will reclaim on your subscription for that tax year.  This is 25p of tax for every 1 of your subscription on or after 6 April 2008.  If you pay income tax at a higher rate, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self Assessment tax return if you want to receive the additional tax relief due to you.

You can print a copy of the gift aid declaration from this site: gift aid declaration form  


Non-Members are invited to attend one Monthly Meeting as a guest but must thereafter join to be entitled to attend further meetings.


Membership of a Group is conditional upon being a full member of Keyworth & District U3A.

Potential members of a group should contact the Group Leader whose details are given in each Newsletter and in the Interest Groups section of the website to ascertain whether places are available in the group and to obtain other details.   New members are given a paper copy of the latest Interest Groups Booklet which can also be accessed on the website in the Documents section under 'Reference'.


Keyworth & District U3A issues a quarterly Newsletter to members.   Since September 2010 the Newsletter has also been available in the Documents section of the website.  In addition members receive the national magazine of the Third Age Trust, the cost of which is included within the membership fee.

  • The Newsletter is issued four times a year; the deadlines for submissions are the 1st of March, June, September, December. 
  • Photographs are taken as a matter of record at U3A events and may be published in the newsletter or on the website.   
  • Items for inclusion can be sent by e.mail (in Word format) or ordinary mail (as typed or manuscript documents).  If handwriting, please CAPITALIZE any names or unusual words. 
  • Pictures, drawings or diagrams are particularly welcome, but if sending these electronically, please ensure they are in JPEG (jpg) format, sized, where possible, to 5” on the longest side. 
  • If you wish original documents to be returned, please include an envelope with your name on, or s.a.e. 
  • The Editor reserves the right to hold articles over for future editions if necessary.
  • The Newsletter is copyright to Keyworth & District U3A and the authors of articles and illustrations.  No part may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission of the editor and authors.  Any opinions are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Editor or the Committee of Keyworth & District U3A. 
  • If you would prefer to receive this newsletter by e.mail, or if you would prefer to receive this Newsletter in large print format, please notify the editor, or any Committee member.

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