Committee Duties and Responsibilities

Brief Descriptions of the Officers' Duties

Below are descriptions of the duties of the offices of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and the specific responsibilities of other roles.


(added May 2011)
Purposes of the Post:
Chair meetings as an impartial arbiter.
Provide leadership.
Represent the U3A to other U3A bodies and other organisations

Functions and Responsibilities:
Chair Committee, Open and Annual General Meetings and other meetings as necessary.
Support the Secretary in the preparation of Agenda and minutes for Committee and General Meetings (including the AGM)
Provide leadership for the U3A both internally and externally.
Be responsible for attempting to ensure there will be nominations for posts in the U3A and planning for succession.
Lead planning for the U3A.
Ensure Committee members are clear about their roles and duties and are carrying them out.


(added May 2011)
Purposes of the Post:
Deputise for and support the Chair

Functions and Responsibilities:
Deputise for the Chair in leadership, representation and in chairing meetings.
Provide a first avenue of advice and consultation within the Committee.
Carry out other roles on the committee and in the U3A as agreed.


(updated October 2013)
Prepare Agenda for monthly Committee meeting and circulate
Take minutes of monthly Committee meeting, write up and circulate
Prepare Agenda for AGM and take minutes
Prepare a Secretary’s report for the AGM if required
Book accommodation for Open and Committee meetings
Receive correspondence, action or refer to the next Committee meeting
Receive enquiries through the web site, acknowledge and action as necessary
Maintain file of statutory documents and insurances and monitor
Update Charity commission annually on any changes i.e. trustee details, liaising with Treasurer for financial return
Update Third Age Trust with changes to contact details.
Organise rota for Greeters for Open meetings


(updated October 2013)
Maintain accurate accounting records for receipts and payments, duly supported by an appropriate voucher audit trail. Maintain also an assets register for insurance purposes.
Ensure appropriate banking facilities are in place and all mandates are up to date.
Prepare monthly account statements and annual audited Financial Statements to fulfil reporting requirements to the committee, members and the Charities Commission.
Liaise with group leaders and summarise group accounts information on a six monthly basis.
Implement any agreed audit recommendations. Ensure adequate internal controls and procedures are in place and in compliance with Third Age Trust Guidelines.
Ensure the HMRC Gift Aid Registration is up to date and annual claim submissions are made.
Provide advice as required to the committee and group leaders.
Assist with or prepare any applications for external funding e.g. Local Authority grants, Lottery grants etc.

Membership Secretary

(updated October 2013)
Deal with membership enquiries.
Ensure that competed application forms are obtained from prospective members.
File application forms.
Keep full records of all members’ details on database  or spreadsheet.
Amend paper records as well as computer records if  members leave, have address, email, phone number changes, etc.
Liaise with Treasurer over subscription payments – both new and renewals.
Liaise with Treasurer regarding Gift Aid subscriptions.
Prepare lists for the collection of the annual subscription.
Book any rooms necessary if the subscriptions are to be collected on a Saturday.
Send letters to those members who have failed to  renew by  the end of April to inform  them they are no longer members.
Supply members’ details to the Officers and Group Leaders as required.
Prepare signing-in sheets for Open Meetings.
Send spreadsheet  membership updates as required to TAT for the U3A central journals – dates for these submissions advised by TAT.

Groups Co-ordinator

(updated November 2013)
Satisfy members wishes and reflect their interests by endeavouring to establish suitable groups.
Help prospective Group Leaders to set up their group.
Ensure that Group Leaders are supported in their efforts and are given timely and relevant information to allow them to develop prosperous, well run groups.
Report to the Committee on the progress and development of the groups.
Publication and updating of Interest Group Booklet for new members, as necessary.

Speaker Finder

(added September 2013)
Locate speaker.
Ascertain fee/expenses and whether AV equipment, tables etc are required.
Confirm in writing date, time, venue and duration of talk.
Contact Speaker 2 weeks before Open Meeting to confirm arrangements.
Arrange payment cheque and AV equipment.
Greet Speaker on the day of talk, introduce them to technical team and provide refreshments.
After talk thank Speaker and make payment.
Send letter/e.mail thanking Speaker.

Publicity / Recruitment

(added December 2013)
Circulate details of forthcoming Open Meetings to local village news publications.
Welcome potential new members at Open Meetings, provide information on the activities, and explain the joining procedure.
Supply articles and photographs to the editor of the National U3A publication 'Third Age Matters' as agreed by the Committee.
Ensure the U3A entry in the online Parish Council 'Keyworth Guide' is accurate with the relevant contact details.

Newsletter Editor

(added May 2011)
Receive all items for the newsletters.
Edit down items where necessary.
Prepare four newsletters a year.
Layout each newsletter.
Prepare and take to South Wolds School for printing.
Address and fill envelopes in readiness for collection at Open Meetings.
Mail any uncollected newsletters.


(added October 2013)
Update the information on the website as and when requested by members of the committee and group leaders.
Monitor the website to identify information that is no longer up-to-date and change, archive or remove as appropriate.
Update the site statistics shown on the website at the end of each month.
Manage the webhosting.
Identify ways in which the content and presentation of information could be improved.
Consider whether the format of the website should be changed to keep up with standards set by other U3As
(the website is currently maintained using the free open source software 'Komposer' which enables computer users to create and maintain a web site without needing to write HTML).

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