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2018 Monthly Meetings Programme

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2016 Monthly Meetings Programme


2015 Monthly Meetings Programme

Speaker Subject
Jan 27th  Robert Pettigrew Aspects of Indian Life
Feb 24th John Stansfield Adventures of a name dropping Executive Jet Pilot
Mar 24th John Whitfield The 1970’s; were they so bad?
Apr 28nd Nick Riley Fracking – fracked or friction
May 26th Colin Groves The Other Iron Lady; The rebellion of Boudica
Jan 23rd Ray State Railway Safety
Jul 28thl Dennis Apple The Life and works of Madame Curie
Aug 25th Margaret Harrison Goose Fair
Sep 22nd Emma Bamford Casting Off
Oct 27th John Lucas The History of Whistling
Nov 24th Catherine McAteer Happy Russian Christmas
Dec 15th No Speaker Christmas Social

2014 Monthly Meetings Programme

Speaker Topic
28th Jan John Whitfield Remembering the 50s - did we really have it so good?
25th Feb Ralph Needham The Celebrated Professor Ringwood of London Quack Medicine Seller –Victorian ‘quack’ cures.
25th Mar Cathy McAteer St Petersburg  - Tsars & Tsarinas, Rasputin & Revolution +  Imperial gossip.
22nd Apr Bob Wildgust Those Radio years Part 2 – carrying on from last year’s talk.
27th May Jane Piggott Save the Children – the origins of the Society + long term project work in the UK and overseas.
24th Jun Pete Castle Nottinghamshire Folk Tales.
22nd Jul Patsy Rayner Images of Japan Traditional and Modern.
26th Aug David Highley Hot Rocks – volcanoes, why they occur and the hazards they present.
23rd Sep Alan Hopkin History of the Orchestra and it’s instruments. He will bring along his collection of Antique instruments.
28th Oct David Zelder The Trials and Tribulation of being an Author. David has won awards for his short stories.
25th Nov Geoffrey Smith Behind  the Scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show.
16th Dec Margaret Hudson Life as a Tiller Girl

2013 Monthly Meetings Programme

Speaker Topic
Jan 22nd Cathy McAteer From Russia with Love - A whistle stop introduction to all things Russian from her own experiences.
Feb 26th Bob Wildgust Those Radio Years - The development and stars of radio with extracts of old recordings.
Mar 26th David Templeman Lady Arabella Stuart - The Queen That Never was. The Granddaughter of Bess of Hardwick born to be queen.  David has talked to the Local History Society on Mary Queen of Scots - read more here.
Apr 23rd Jane Barnes Tales of a Dairy Farmer - Life on a dairy farm where Stilton Cheese is produced. For more information on the farm follow this link
May 28th Gordon Asher Surveying - Being nosey in other people’s houses
Jun 25th Harrie Cooke A Very British Brew - In 1922 Harrie’s father was posted to Assam to establish a tea planation. His story
 is Illustrated with cine footage and photographs.
Jul 23rd Trevor Impey Where did that come from - The origins of sayings.
Aug 27th Richard Hamblin Escape from Christchurch – The New Zealand Earthquake with geological explanations.
Sep 24th Maureen Ruston Canary Girls of Chilwell - The story of No 6 shell filling factory in WW1 and the girls who worked there.
Oct 22nd Carol Brooks Karen of Burma - A talk to raise awareness of the issues concerning the internally displaced &
Refugees of Burma *** CANCELLED ***
Oct 22nd Richard Papworth ‘My Life As A Prison Officer’. Both the serious and funny sides of prison life.
Nov 26th Graham Godfrey Who Defined the 1st Leap Year – the history of the formation of the calendar
*** CANCELLED *** 
Nov 26th Robert Pettigrew A Love Affair with India - Recollections of life in India and an insight into Indian history, accompanied by photographs.
Dec 17th Graham Keal “Oprah Winfrey Touched my Elbow”- ex-showbiz journalist Graham has been interviewing TV celebrities for over 30 years,Oprah included. His interviews have been published in many national newspapers including The Times and The Guardian. For more information on Graham follow this link.

2012 Monthly Meetings Programme

Speaker Topic
Jan 24 Bob Wildgust
Theatre Life in Nottingham
Feb 28
Jim Vickrage The work of the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance
Mar 27 Prof Chris Wrigley Winston Churchill - Imperialism and Social Reform focusing on the pre 1914 period
April 24 Jo Carter Amusing Tales of a Tour Guide
May 22 Val Henstock Lord Byron in Venice
Jun 26 Trevor Vennett-Smith Life under the Hammer *** Cancelled ***
Jun 26 Gerald Price The work of the Woodland Trust including the Queens Diamond Jubilee Woods Project
Jul 24 Dr Kinsey Dart Genetics and Heredity
Aug 28 Pam Wisher Messing About on the River
Sep 25 Aly Greenway A Journey from Nottingham to Nepal
Oct 23 Christine Doughty A Life Sentence in the Law
Nov 27 Brian Tansley Tales from 40 years in Local Media
Dec 18 Margaret Harrison The History of Pantomime

2011 Monthly Meetings programme

Speaker Topic
Jan 25 Simon Bentley
Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust
Feb 22
Vic Taylor A Short Trip into Heraldry
Mar 22 Trevor Impey So you think you don't like opera!
April 26 Mel Matthews The British Post Box (after the AGM)
May 24 Ron Inglis Restoration of Wollaton Hall
Jun 28 Brian Fernley Albert Ball - WW1 Aviator
Jul 26 Dr Kinsey Dart The Black Death - Was it Bubonic Plague?
Aug 23 Pam Wisher Growing Old - Disgracefully
Sep 27 John Cox Readings from Shakespeare
Oct 25 Carol Hinds
BBC East Midlands Today   
Nov 22 Dr Stephanie Henson
(Southampton University)
A Drop in the Ocean
Dec 20 Jo Carter Christmas: True Victorian Style
(Note that this meeting is on the 3rd Tuesday not the 4th)

2010 Monthly Meetings Programme

Speaker Topic
Jan 26 Christine Jeffreys
My year as Lord Mayor of Rushcliffe.
Feb 23
Margaret Harrison 'Bess of Hardwick'.
Mar 23 Maureen Newton 'Pictures from the Past' - a nostalgic look at advertising.
April 27 AGM followed by Anglo-Saxons at Willoughby (Keith Barton).
May 25 Ron Wilson Roman Logistics
June 22 Franklin Bishop
*** Cancelled ***
'Literary Vampyre of Polidori', Polidori was the personal physician to Lord Byron.
*** Cancelled ***
June 22 Paul Harris 'Taking the King's Shilling', a novel look at Napoleonic warfare.
July 27 John Clews (RSPB) Action for Birds.
Aug 24 Sue Hayward Shetland Crofthouse Garden.  Chelsea award winning garden.
Sept 28 Ian Worthington A talk on the Work and Operation of the East Midlands Police Helicopter Service
by John Jameson of the Derbyshire Constabulary
Oct 26 Mike Nesbit and
Yvonne Walters
The History and Diversity of Morris Dance (live performance by Mike of the Lady Bay Revellers)    
Nov 23 Gill Hunter The Hunter Trust for Education in Malawi
Dec 21 John Cox
Dickens Fellowship
Cratchit's Christmas Dinner.

2009 Monthly Meetings Programme

Speaker Topic
Jan 27
Launch meeting with around 200 attendees, steering committee formed.
Feb 24
Inaugural meeting for people to join the U3A and the interest groups.
Mar 24 Nigel Chapman The work of the City Coroner.
April 27 Paul Stevens 'Musket, Fife & Drum' - History of the Civil War.
May 26 Alan Spooner 'History at the Tip of our Tongues' - an exploration of the English Language.
Jun 23 Tracy Akehurst Passions, Potions and Poisons.
July 28 Peter Jones 'When I were a Lad' - reminiscences of his job as a reporter on the Evening Post.
Aug 25 Judy Colby 'Rags & Riches' The Ups and Downs of being a Wardrobe Mistress.
Set 22 Pam Littlewood 'Chance, Fate & Imagination', a light-hearted account of how she came to write a novel about the Southwell Workhouse.
Oct 27 Peter Davies
Tiger, Tiger.
Nov 24 Tony Redman
A talk about geological work overseas.
Dec 22 Jean Alton
A Christmas Reading - based on the play performed in June 2009.

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