Interest Groups

Groups Co-ordinator Telephone
Jean Hogg 0115 859 0872

Below is a list of Interest Groups that are currently available.   Follow the above links to go to the group's webpage.

To see summary information for all groups go to the Interest Group Summary which is further down this webpage.

New Joiners are given a hard copy Interest Groups Booklet 2017, follow the link to download a pdf version.  This web version does not have email addresses.  (The 2017 paper version has out-of-date email addresses for Clare and Neil Franklin).

Architecture and Archaeology Book Group Calligraphy
Canasta Circle Dancing
Help Centre
Cooperative Gardening Craft Creative Writing Cycling Desert Island DiscsDrawing
Family HistoryFlower Arranging
French ConversationGermanHandbell RingingHeraldry
Italian Conversation LatinListening to MusicLunch ClubMah JonggNeedlecraft
Painting PhilosophyPhotography Play ReadingPutting the World to RightsScience,Technology& Research (STAR)
Scrabble Singing for FunSocial BridgeTable GamesTheatre VisitsUkulele
Walking WeekendersWildlife & ConservationWine TastingWorld War 1 HistoryYoga Style Exercise

Group Leaders
Information for Group Leaders is on the separate Group Leader Information webpage


groups morningSign-up sheets have been available at Monthly Meetings for expressions of interest for proposed new groups.  If you are interested in any of these, contact details will be given in the Monthly Meeting notices for you to add yourselves to those joining in the start-up process. Or just contact any committee member for the contact information.  New group suggestions (November 2017):

Exploring World Religions

Minority Interest Groups

If a Keyworth & District U3A interest group is well below optimum numbers, or struggling to remain viable, members of neighbouring U3As are permitted to join the group without having to join Keyworth & District U3A. 
Such groups are referred to as minority interest groups.  If group leaders wish to involve members of neighbouring U3As in their group they should ask the Groups Co-ordinator for existing groups to consider their group a minority interest group.
At present (September 2017) Keyworth & District U3A  have 3 minority groups to which neighbouring U3A members are invited to attend: Philosophy and the World War 1 History group. These are marked with an 'M' in the Interest Group Summary below.

The Keyworth & District U3A arrangements for minority interest groups are set out in our Support for Minority Interest Groups document.

Interest Group Summary

Follow the link to go to the group's webpage.
Groups with M after their name are Minority Interest Groups (see above).
Last updated January 2018

Group Leader Contact Venue Frequency Day  Time
Architecture and
Keith Barton
Sheila barton
0115 937 3068
Methodist Hall Monthly
3rd Thursday
Book Group Sue Malpas
0115 914 7761 Members' homes Monthly 2nd Tuesday
Calligraphy Frances Turnbull 0115 937 3561 Methodist Hall Monthly 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Canasta Sue Highley 0115 937 5429 Parochial Hall Monthly 1st Wednesday 2.00pm
Cinema Club No longer available
Circle Dancing Mary Griffin 0115 937 5946 Key VI Monthly 1st Friday 2.00pm
Computer Help Centre Contact:
Peter Edge
0115 937 2437 Methodist Hall Twice
1st and 3rd
Cooperative Gardening Pat O'Neil 0115 937 4543 Members' gardens Monthly Various
Craft Jackie Fisher
0115 937 2898 Methodist Hall Monthly
4th Monday
Creative WritingHoward Fisher0115 937 2898Vilage Hall BarMonthly3rd Monday2.15pm
Cycling Tony Fletcher
0115 937 4831 Contact leader Twice
1st Friday
3rd Tuesday

Desert Island Discs

Godfrey Kent godfreykent19
Meth odist Hall Monthly
2nd Monday 2.00pm
Drawing Linda Bailey 0115 937 4575 Feignies Room Twice
2nd and 4th
Family History Clare Franklin
0115 937 3790 Methodist Hall Monthly
3rd Monday
Flower Arranging Carol Hiller 0115 937 5115 Village Hall Bar Monthly 1st Thursday 10.00am
French Conversation Contact:
Charlotte James
01509 880971 Feignies room
Weekly Wednesday 10.00am
German Barbara Henson
0115 937 2707 Leader's home Weekly Monday
Handbell RingingGill Crump0115 937 2083Leader's homeTwice
1st and 3rd
Heraldry Vic Taylor 0115 937 5459 Feignies room Monthly
3rd Friday 10.00am
Italian Conversation Sam Boote 0115 937 4644 Methodist Hall Twice
2nd and 4th
Latin Chris Lillee
0115 937 4383 Feignies Room Weekly
Listening to Music Bill Cooper 0115 878 7060 Centenary Lounge Fortnightly Wednesday
Lunch Club Jackie Fisher
Jackie Mullins 
0115 937 2898
0115 937 6176
Various Monthly Various Various
Mah Jongg Paul Roebuck 0115 937 6636 Leader's home Monthly 4th Thursday 2.00pm
Needlecraft  Rosalie Jones
0115 937 5359 Leader's home Weekly Group 1 Tues
Group 2 Wed
Painting Megan Little 0115 937 4418 Methodist Hall Fortnightly Thursday 1.45pm
Philosophy (M) Roy Townsend 0115 923 5080 Members' homes Monthly 4th Monday 2.15pm


Howard Fisher 0115 937 2898 Methodist Hall Monthly 2nd Tuesday
Play Reading Angela Harris
Jean Allton
0115 914 3450
0115 914 6865
Village Halll Monthly
Ist Tuesday
Putting the World to Rights Stan Miller 0115 915 7981 Parochial Hall Monthly 2nd Monday 2.00pm
Scrabble Sue Brittain
0115 937 4751 Parochial Hall Monthly
2nd Tuesday

Science, Technology
and Research (STAR)

Chris Mason 0115 846 0821 Methodist Church Monthly 1st Monday 2.00pm
Singing for Fun Gill Wilcockson
Jackie Mullins
0115 937 2046
0115 937 6176
Methodist Church Monthly 3rd Wednesday
Social Bridge Olivia Styles
0115 937 2834 Parochial Hall Monthly
3rd Thursday
Table GamesPat Murfet0115 937 4607Pear Tree phMonthly4th Wednesday1.30pm
Theatre Visits Sue Manley
Marlene Mackie
0115 937 2366
0115 937 7248
Various Irregular Various Various
Ukulele Jacki Davis
Doug Brown
0115 937 2953
0115 937 5944
Methodist Hall Twice
2nd and 4th
Walking - up to 3 miles David Pitfield
0115 937 4922 Meet in Village
Hall Car Park
3rd Tuesday
Walking - up to 8 miles Roy Turnbull
0115 937 3561 Meet in Village
Hall Car Park
2nd Tuesday
Weekenders Contact:
Barbara Jones
0115 937 4966 Various Monthly 3rd Sunday Various
Wildlife and Conservation Hilary Whitby 07815 686 388 Centenary Lounge Monthly 4th Friday 2.00pm
Wine Tasting Neil Franklin
0115 937 3790 Centenary Lounge Four weekly Wednesday
World War 1 History (M) Chris Close
0115 937 2032 Methodist Hall Monthly
Ist Monday
Yoga Style  Exercise Sue O'Donoghue
0115 937 2989 Village Hall Weekly Friday
10.00 am

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